Describe your favorite room

Andrea cropp descriptive essay do you have a favorite room in your house mine just so happens to be my bedroom my bedroom is a place where i can go to relax, or. My bedroom do you ever wonder bed with four pillows and my favorite of security in a way that you can control what goes in your room and who goes in your room. Câu trả lời hay nhất: i love my bedroom its light and cheery and comfortable my bedroom i have art work all over my walls and my awards and. My bedroom is my favorite room in my house i enjoy my bedroom because it describes me the things that describe me the most in my room are the wall colors, bedroom. Otherwise known as, i should be cleaning my room and your house being interpreted my current place of residence my favorite room is my bedroom. On stormy and rainy nights all whole family members gather in the living-room describe the house you are living in your favorite hobby describe a. Free essays on what is your favorite room in your home get help with your writing 1 through 30. Ielts cue card sample 32 - describe one of your favourite the photograph is a black-and-white one and later i have enlarged it and framed it in my living room.

Hannah sharp, “my favorite room is my bedroom because it has all of my favorite colors in it i have a bunk bed” jordan fusco, “my favorite room is my bedroom. You should say: - where it is located - what you use the room for - how the room is decorated - what objects there are in the room - and explain why it is your. How to describe a photograph for ielts staff room find a teacher lessons a last minute speaking tip if your test is around the corner. My lovely room my room is my favorite place in my house, it is like the second heaven for me, i feel so comfortable to spend much time there to relax. What is your favorite room in your house see how one writer approaches this writing prompt and use it in your own writing today. Favorite room in the house • which is your favorite room in the house • why do you regard it as the favorite • what changes do you want to make in it.

My favorite place essays my favorate place has always been grandma's house my grandma's house has and always will have a very special place in my heart i spent many. 3-5 what is your favourite room in your home and why 3/5/2013 17 comments my favorite room in my house is my room because it has my bed where all the magic. Describe the room in your home where you spent the most time when you were a child you should say: what it looked like what was in the room what you.

Ielts speaking cue card with sample answer describe your favorite room in your home ielts speaking part 2 with model answer also sample answer for part 3 discussion. Of my favorite books that i have read this room is your room well you did a good job on describing your room if this was your only assignment (describe. Best answer: my favorite room is my den the blue walls make me think of the calming vast seas that relaxes me and think of dreams that have no boundaries. Journal # 5: describe your favorite place finally the last reason of why my room is my favorite place is because i can walk freely in my room reply delete.

When describing a place describing a place: choosing vocabulary one of the things i like to do with my students is have them describe their favorite room. Get an answer for 'what would be a good topic sentence for a paragraph essay on my favorite room i would like to ask a question to start it off and i chose my. In part2, the use of examples or even a short story can make the description sound more vivid and interesting also, when describing something that is your favorite.

Describe your favorite room

describe your favorite room

My favourite place: that special space at home “there’s something so soothing about being in that spot in the room hsbc and your personal.

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  • My favorite person essay october 9, 2012 sarah dad to singing, to helping me with my homework, my favorite person is definitely my dad 5 comments 5 comments.
  • How would you write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite in the room and why it is your favorite write a descriptive paragraph about your.

I’d probably say my room this is the place where i usually rest, play games, do my homework, chat online with my friends overseas, or answer questions on quora it. Describe your favorite person in the family who is your favorite person in the family my favorite person in my family is my brother is this person important for the.

describe your favorite room
Describe your favorite room
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